Renovation and Interior Design: Making Your House “A Home”

If you visit any popular tourist destination, you will see beautiful masterpieces of architecture, renovation, and interior design in the form of magnificent skyscrapers, landscaped gardens, shopping malls and plush hotels. Spending time at these places is an aesthetic and visual treat making you return for more.

Renovation is undeniably the most important element in making your house your ‘home’. You spend most of your time at home for safety, solace, and relaxation. The way your home is designed accounts for the way you lead your life. A busy schedule at work leaves you often very tired and flustered. You crave for a change in environment to de-stress in the company of your loved ones.

In many countries today, people have no option but to reside in high-rise apartments which offer limited space. Creating space for your household goods in a way that it does not hamper your daily movement is often a tedious and time-consuming task. Making the most of limited space is a creative task and most often requires engaging professional help. Thus, renovation comes handy and useful in making the most of your living space. It allows you to spend more time at home by making your daily living comfortable and pleasurable. It is a long-term investment aimed at ensuring years of happiness.

Choosing the Right Interior Designer

The first step before renovating is to choose and hire the right interior designer for your house. Some tips that can come handy and save you any problems in the future are –

1. Keep your options open – You must contact at least three to four interior designers and obtain their quotes. Ensure that you specify the same requirement to each of them so that you get a fair idea of why and what they are charging you. You must ask the designer regarding the quality of materials to be used, the time frame and services while obtaining an estimate. Do keep enough time in your hands to carry out the renovation so that you don’t end up paying a higher fee.

2. Check for registration – Registration with the housing authorities will ensure that your interior designer will be able to obtain any permits and handle any technical issues that may arise during the renovation of your house. If you live in a private residential property, you may be required to obtain approval from organisations such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) for some types of renovation works.

3. Read the contract carefully – While reading the contract you must ensure that every item that has been discussed is included in the contract, there are no hidden costs and you have read through the fine print carefully.

4. Supervise the renovation – This will help you to identify any lapses and bring it up during the renovation. Also, you will maintain a good rapport with your contractor.

5. Payment terms – Do not make payments upfront. This must be done in a progressive manner through the duration of the renovation. The balance payment should be made once the project is complete. Keep all receipts of payments to avoid any problems. Tell the contractor if you are not happy with the standard of renovation.

By keeping the above points in mind before hiring an interior designer, you can ensure that the renovation of your house is a hassle-free process.

Top Interior Designers

If you are majoring in interior design, interested in interior design, or looking for a good interior designer, you should be aware of some of the top designers in the world. They are Ron Dayan, Candice Olson, David Bromstad and Vern Yip.

Ron Dayan, the founder of Piccadilly Designs, has earned the nickname ‘The Interior Designer to the Rich and Famous’. Originally, he studied and explored famous buildings in Europe where he was born. Even when he was young he was fascinated by architecture and interior design. He graduated from a highly reputable London university, the Polytechnic of Northern London. However, in 1979 he moved to Los Angeles to enroll at the Woodbury University.

In the United States Ron Dayan pleased many celebrities, such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Louis Gossett Jr., John Couch, Smokey Robinson, Barry Gibb, Duff McKagen, and Bruce Vilanch. He was even given the nickname ‘the Sherlock Holmes of Interior Designers’ by some of his clients, because of his talent for reading their minds and collecting the right settings. Ron Dayan is fond of this nickname and has said ‘I actually use the Holmes’ methods of detection in my design process, to discover what the client would love to be surrounded by, and need now, and years from now. I often do this without even asking the client any questions, simply observing, listening, and being in tune with their signals’

Candice Olson is a HGTV Design Star judge and host of HGTV’s Candice Tells All. She is one of the top interior designers in both the United States and Canada. Candice Olson graduated from the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University in Toronto and received awards and media attention before she accepted spots on television. She also writes for a biweekly newspaper column that runs in more than 400 U.S. Newspapers. In addition, she has made appearances on the Today Show, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Live with Regis and Kelly.

This busy designer has even launched her own collection of home decor products, such as upholstered furniture, wallpaper, bedding, fabrics, lighting, and much more. She describes her signature style as ‘a fusion of traditional form, scale and proportions, with the clean, crisp, simplistic beauty of modern design’

David Bromstad, one of the top interior designers, was the winner of the first season of HGTV Design Star and is now the host of Color Splash. He attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. He has become known for his out-of-the-box thinking and endless energy. This passionate and innovative designer has also created custom art and furniture.

He is unique because of his ability to combine vibrant colors with practicality. According to him, he ‘blends styles that incorporate realism and fantasy’. He is also on the show HGTV in which he travels across America in an 18-wheeler to surprise fans with is vibrant and unique room designs.

Vern Yip, the founder of Vern Yip Designs, is a HGTV Design Star judge and designer for the annual HGTV Urban Oasis home. He has received awards and national acclaim for being one of the top designers with the ability to transform restaurants and home both on television and on his own. These awards include the 2003 Distinguished Southerner Award from Southern Living magazine, 1999 Best New Restaurant for Fusebox restaurant in Atlanta, 2000 Southeast Designer of the Year, and 1999 Best New Night Club for DeuxPlex Bistro and Night Club in Atlanta.

He has also been featured in multiple publications, such as The New York Times, USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly.This over-achieving interior designer has also made appearances on highly popular TV shows such as Live With Regis and Kelly, The Early Show, CNN, and Today. He has a master’s degree in architecture and science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Virginia. His unique style can be described as eclectic with influences from his trips to Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

In conclusion, Ron Dayan, Candice Olson, David Bromstad, and Vern Yip are some of the top interior designers in the world. Ron Dayan is known ‘the Interior Designer to the Rich and Famous’ and ‘the Sherlock Holmes of Interior Designers’. He lives up to his nicknames, because he has the ability to discover what a client wants and needs through his observations. Ron Dyan has worked for many celebrities, such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Louis Gossett Jr., John Couch, Smokey Robinson, Barry Gibb, Duff McKagen, and Bruce Vilanch. Candice Olson is a HGTV Design Star judge and host of HGTV’s Candice Tells All. She describes her style as ‘a fusion of traditional form, scale and proportions, with the clean, crisp, simplistic beauty of modern design’. David Bromstad is the winner of the first season of HGTV Design Star and the host of Color Splash. He is known for the ability to blend the realms of fantasy and realism into one unique and innovative design. Vern Yip, the founder of Vern Yip Designs, has a style that is eclectic with traces of Asian, Latin American, and European influences.

5 Big Home And Interior Design Trends For 2011

Despite a difficult financial climate in 2010, and a bit of a shaky start to 2011, there is a sense of optimism which is reflected in the emerging design trends for 2011.

1. Wallpaper designs

Wallpaper designs will be big and bold. Previous year have seen single walls covered in a bold print. Expect to see entire rooms adorned with bright and colourful patterns.

2. Colour

Bright, bold and optimistic! The well respected colour experts at Pantone, known for their expertise in colours from graphic design and architecture to fashion and make up predict the colour of the year will be ‘Honeysuckle’, also referred to as Pantone 18-2120, head over to their site to see it. They describe it as bright but not bold, reflecting a sense of optimism for a brighter future. Colour forecasters, including Pantone foresee deep colours like iron and brick contrasting with pale, cool pastel shades for interiors.

3. Furniture

It’s all about mixing it up. Watch out for vintage items juxtaposed with carefully selected pieces from the seventies, eighties and current times.

4. Technology

Everybody is becoming more techo-savvy, and technology is becoming evermore accessible. Rather than the CD player in the corner of the room, iPads, iPhones are used to wirelessly transmit music to an amplifier. There are apps which work with intelligent lighting to control the ambiance of your rooms. Video games where your body is the controller require room for the whole family to stomp around the living room, so space is important. Large 3D, high definition televisions are often the centre-piece of the living room.

5. Eco-decorating

Hot for 2011 is the increase of environmentally aware decorating and building methods. Architects are opting for more environmentally sound building materials. Large windows are popular, adding extra light and creating the effect of bring the outside in.

I hope this guide proves useful and informative.

Nature in Home Decor and Interior Design

Many modern interior decorating trends are taking something for themselves from the history. Everything is changing but some things are staying the same – in fashion and in home decorating, in all trends. One of those elements is using colors and ornaments that are inspired by nature.

Walking after the beauty steps

Thinking about the interiors, about its measurements, colors and light it’s worth to do it in the light of nature – beauty of natural colors, stone figures, sandy structures or ocean grass. Interior design in nature aspect is inspired with elements taken from nature – color of sand, floral ornaments, delicate diamond form or a drawing of rinds.

Colors of nature make a mood

Usage of natural colors in interior design is almost as old as…interior design. Those colors are good for classic interiors and for modern ones. Delicate, pastel, bright colors in neutral types of white like for example color of sand, wood and similar to them are the most wanted. Interiors in the color of ground, white, delicate grays, violets or greens look always fresh, and give the interior harmony. Neutral colors like each others and make the room look nice and sophisticated in the same time.

Matching natural beige with rough wood we create climate with harmony and adding a few fresh citrus accessories will change the interior into more dynamic.We can speak about an example of matching simple furniture in geometric shapes, light materials, ordered interiors, organic elements, flowers, decorative accessories like vases, wicker pots, small rugs from sea grass brings a mood of relax to the interior and contrasting each element helps to make elegant, comfortable and timeless interior. Symmetry of shapes and forms is meeting with zen philosophy and our interior are full of peace and beautiful look.

Expression of light

Light gives the interior a flow of fresh air, shows the positive aspects of every room, shapes is stimulating the word of plants, exposes architecture solutions while in the same time is almost invisible as an element of room decorating. Light can optically open the room or close it. It can also warm the interior (with yellow color) or make it cold (by using blue or white) that depends on the time of day or the style of interior.

When we want to be closer to nature we should choose soft creme light and contrasting it with very bright light which will bring interior more harmony. Modern glass frames and crystal bowls, geometric lampshades in context with play of sided brackets give the interior vital, warm and beautiful look and shape.